Appleton Greene


”This program bring a lens to your business that will help you focus on the things that matter and the essentials that will move you and your organization forward. The instructors provide excellent counsel and creative business solutions to complex issues. They will quickly identify your issue through insightful questions and provide the support to develop the capabilities, processes and technology required for success in the future. I am always amazed at the way the team can take a situation that I am wrestling with, and like solving a Rubik’s cube, untangle the problem in a simple straight forward way that makes the resolution obvious.”

Appleton Greene


”Ms. Ennis has implemented a highly productive business management brainstorming and accountability process. Together, we systematically discovered and track implementation of new ideas to accelerate growth and improve customer service. The programs uniquely combine diverse business perspectives with razor-sharp focus on my own business. Ms. Ennis is a great business steward and knows how to direct many companies by assisting them to make clear decisions when trying to overcome obstacles.”

Appleton Greene

St Peters Health System

”It’s not just a one-time classroom setting. It was on-going. It was also with their peers and they had the opportunity to learn from each other. The biggest shift was the managers had self-awareness. It was the ability for them to let their guard down and say “ok, maybe I do need help.” Who is the manager I want to become? What does that manager look like? And how do I take the necessary steps to become it. The results have been really impactful. From the start we immediately saw that the way they engaged with their employees changed. They went from really stopping, listening, paying attention to what their employees was giving them as feedback. Whereas in the past they were just rushing through their day to get “their job” done as a manager, instead of saying my job is to work through my people. The staff was so engaged in growth mindset, they said we should do this in new hire orientation, they should all go through this.”

Appleton Greene


”The program has helped unleash the leaders in our organization. The managers who have worked with Ms. Ennis are not only able to apply what they have learned from her, but they are passing it on to others in our organization and driving meaningful positive change in the way we lead, talk about leadership, and help our people and the organization to thrive.”

Appleton Greene


“Leveraging the program for manager development has taken our management practices to the next level. Busy managers love the self-directed learning and the opportunity to collaborate and learn with their peers across the country.”

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